Sunshine Girl

The Sun has always been an indication to me of exponential energy and passion: the antithesis a cold or cloudy day. My whole life I have been ruled by the weather and its seasons. As the days get longer and warmer, I become less and less responsible and more compulsive. To some it is Fun Sara season. I am an endless amount of: bonfires, concerts, and creativity. To others it is the Forgetful Sara season. I am also an endless amount of: dirty dishes, forgotten bills, and chaos.

I never know whether to rejoice for summer or dread its arrival. Perhaps it is a bit of both. However I have found this year’s arrival of warm weather less jarring than usual. One of the reasons I believe is the addition of Vitamin D to my regiment this past winter. I usually experience a moderate amount of Seasonal depression in late fall to Early spring. It becomes hard to handle anything more than basic survival. The world that looked so colorful and promising is covered by deep frozen layer of hopelessness. I always forget that one day, we never know which, the layer of despondency will begin to melt with the first sighted spring flower.

A doctor recommended a triple dose of vitamin D which I did not think would help at all. In the past I had gone to tanning beds or a forced vacation to warmer weather to make it through winter. According to Reid Health, many people in the United States suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. The rates of those who suffer from mental distress and Vitamin D show alarmingly high correlations. I figured it was worth a try. It helped significantly. I did not anticipate its help in managing my manic symptoms as I began to receive natural vitamin D from the sun.

It made such a difference that I decided to also begin supplements for my child who has Sensory Processing disorder. He had begun complaining of feeling so sad every rainy day. I knew he loved actual rain as we are a family that believes in splashing in puddles and cheering a powerful thunderstorm on. However I noticed his moods also closely tied to the weather as well. It could have been my own moods affecting him. It could have solely been his own internal regulators misfiring. However we went from severe mood swings to regulated. According to John Hopkins report that : “Several large-scale studies have found that vitamin D deficiency is widespread —one in 10 U.S. children are estimated to be deficient — and that 60 percent of children may have suboptimal levels of vitamin D.” That is a very large percentage of the population.

The sun represents to me an endless supply of mother nature that is difficient in my body. However I have found that Vitamin D has been my sunshine in a bottle. It is sort of like a night light. It is calming and reassuring to know I do not have to fear dark days. I am learning to be consistent with simple self-care practices that sustain my highs and lows.


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