Stuck In Bed

by Joseph Reid, Dec. 17, 2018

Stuck in bed. Stuck in my head. My engines feel dead. Heart filled with dread.

God I look to you. What else can I do.

You made the Stars. The universe large.

You created worlds. That circle the sun.

Moons bare your thumbprints. Oceans reflect your power.

Mountains rise to give you honor. Trees wave in praise and expectation.

And here I lie in bed. Stuck in my own little head.

You, my Lord, deserve my best. You, my Lord, create space for my rest. You, my Lord, deserve all that I am. For you, my Lord, I lay down my plans.

As I rise from this grave, where I think I have peace. As I run from the dark corners of my imagination and thoughts,

Two feet on the floor. I rise in honor of those who have died. Those who have followed you and given their lives.

I dress and reflect on the flowers of fields. I will move and will speak the love of my God. I will serve and be served with the humblest of nods.

This is my life. Now time to get up.

Make it all happen. Do it for love.

I rise from my bed. Still stuck in my head.

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