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Abba Father

Father God Abba Father

As you embrace us with your outstretched arms

Let us reach up and enter into your presence

Our ways are not your ways Abba Father!

Just as you walked the Israelites thru the power of the desert,

Walk us too as we cry out Abba Father

Father God, Abba Father lead us towards our Salvation

Let us lift our hand in praise, as we acknowledge your grace demonstrated

Abba Father, God of Righteousness, making us to be in your image

The cross, the cross on which your son died

Abba Father who knows what loss is about

Once more let our hearts, our hands be raised in worship and praise

Abba Father how great you are

Reigning in all of your Majesty

Father God, Abba Father our source of never-ending love

Donda Muse-Cox


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