Snow Globe

November 9, 2020 | Kayce Murwin

One hard throw against the wall.

I crack,

I shatter.

Why oh why did you go and do this?

I was just something small to brighten your days.

And yet you treat me like I don't matter.

My gears were wound,

my song still softly playing.

The water, the glitter

spill across the floor.

Oh, what a mess.

What a mess.

The cheerful tune starts fading.

I was just something small

to brighten your day.

But after what you did

I will only cut you if you touch me.

Your blood would mingle with

the water and glitter,

but that's not pretty.

I lay here,

wasted and broken

on this cold floor.

I tried to make you happy,

but I just didn't matter anymore.

You threw me away, away.

Now it's just a broken tune that plays.

Kayce Murwin


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